“Publicist” is presently somewhat humiliating, however it’s unrealistic to be a manager without having that information.”


Timur’s story: He changed from designing to PR later which he became exhausted with composing and was offered a situation as a supervisor in two of his most adored firms.
From the PR to the punching machine and back
How could you become engaged with altering and writing in the in any case?

In the mid 1990s as I was concentrating on Philology I had a fantasy about turning into an “messenger” in the time, they were cool men with glasses who were the makers of promotions. We read Pelevin and were carried by Beigbeder and looked at banners that promoted “Advertisement Night”- however or it was impractical to get to the Internet or the quality was extremely terrible that it was almost difficult to try and watch ads.

Then, at that point, in Chelyabinsk there was a promotional firm called “Paramon” and I chose to combine them and put an application, incorporated the number for that dormitory (this is the way you speak with to non-inhabitants) and introduced the resume to the secretary to the front counter of the organization. There was not a good excuse for them to acknowledge me, and there were no there were no open positions and I put together my choice with respect to karma and karma In my resume, I expressed that I had no information on promoting anyway I do know how to develop zucchinis and pateysoons in the open fields 😉 When I was 20 I felt that the expression “goulash” was silly and the joke crazy, yet it could break the hindrance of obliviousness. Be that as it may, it didn’t prevail there was no call to the gathering of the inn.

Before long, my sibling and associates from a close by school were propelled to dispatch a freely run understudy magazine. I was unable to oppose the chance, and I turned into their supervisor. I was an alum of at the Philological Faculty. This was especially pleasant just as astonishing We did editing short-term not long prior to printing, distributed materials to colleges the nation over alongside our accomplices, we compensated the perusers by offering passes to films and theaters.
Then, at that point, I enlisted in the military. At the point when I returned we settled on the choice to change over this paper for understudies into business. You’re fools! We put it up as a news source, prepared a design in shading and printed it on A3 sheets. Then, at that point, I asked my folks for a waterproof shell – we must have the option to introduce ourselves-and got back to various Chelyabinsk workplaces. Anyway everybody needed to take a gander at this first version first prior to presenting to us the money. It didn’t work for the paper.
You had to look for a work opportunity?

I was looking for one to work pair with my longing to turn into a the job of a media business mogul. The final product was that I was offered a situation at the branch of news-casting, because of a few teachers who had known me in the division of philology. My position was alluded to as “top of the research facility for media data innovation” In fact I was the branch’s of sysadmin, and I likewise instructed for a brief time frame.

I was not learned with regards to PCs, but rather following two months, I had the option to get a handle on the fundamentals of them. I additionally started investigating Linux alongside FreeBSD. The cash was restricted and I had to compose pieces. For example, for the magazine of life “Mission” which was the place where my cohort was utilized. From multiple times to another she would give me with saints for interviews.

In 2009, my significant other asked me help her find a business opportunity (we didn’t have Internet from home anyway I had a web association working). I started to look through the web and ran over an opening at a similar Paramon and they were looking for a creator for a site that zeroed in on the eatery experience. It happened to me, “Why not advance into a similar stream twice?” and I sent my resume. Despite the fact that I had just a few distributions, it was a direct result of some explanation that they chose to enlist me. We concluded that I’d leave in two weeksafter I had completed my work nearby.
The following day, I went to Paramon I statement of regret to my bookkeeping firm and gave her a crate of chocolates. I illuminated her that I was unable to exchange my colleges for cafés. Indeed, even despite the fact that it would double my pay. In about a couple of months after the fact, I got an email from the head of improvement at “Paramon” and informed me that they had an empty in PR, and they’d be keen on employing me that is, the compensation would be more appealing, just as the obligations.

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